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A Minute of Time with Pat Trottier

I have asked friend, author, and fellow Anita Factory member, Pat, the following two questions: What inspires you? Watching people giving their utmost to make a difference in others’ lives. The weekend Free Press highlighted Grant Park high school students, living with cognitive and physical disabilities, preparing for their January performance, The Little Mermaid. These… Continue reading A Minute of Time with Pat Trottier

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A Page Out of Empty Cup

In October, 2016, my friend and fellow author, Gabriele Goldstone, handed me a clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press, Miss Lonelyhearts advice column. Sometimes fiction is close to truth. My main character, Raven, can't defend herself against her mom's creepy boyfriend. I hope this girl took Maureen Scurfield's advice to move in with her dad… Continue reading A Page Out of Empty Cup