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A paradigm shift in thinking about “books for boys.”

I’ve been paying attention to what it means when we say “books for boys.” As authors and conference attendees we hear the following: There is a shortage of books for boys. Boys are more reluctant readers than girls. Due to number 2 above, publishers lean towards “books for girls” for better sales. If we don’t… Continue reading A paradigm shift in thinking about “books for boys.”

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A Minute of Time with Jodi Carmichael

Award-winning author, Jodi Carmichael, is a fellow founding member of the Anita Factor writing group. She was the first of our group (with the members at the time) to be published with her middle grade novel, Spaghetti is Not a Finger Food (and other life lessons). We were all so excited for her! Jodi is… Continue reading A Minute of Time with Jodi Carmichael

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February is “I Love to Read” Month

Annually, February celebrates reading with I Love to Read events in schools across the country. I'm sharing my own love of reading with you by showcasing 28 great books that I've read and recommend, one for each day of the month. However, I won't be posting them on my blog as I think that will… Continue reading February is “I Love to Read” Month

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An Intro to Empty Cup

If you haven't had a chance to read my novel yet, here's a sneak peek at Chapter 1. 🙂 Empty Cup Chapter 1 I SMUDGE A PENCIL LINE with my finger, creating a shadow under the horse’s mane. He’s white. Pure. Exactly the kind of horse— “Raven! Supper—NOW!” Mom. I sigh. I roll onto my… Continue reading An Intro to Empty Cup

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An Evening of Victorian Dickens – A Christmas Carol

Dalnavert is a house turned museum located in downtown Winnipeg. It has been restored to it's original Victorian era condition including decor, furniture and even the wallpaper. It's a popular spot to check out, especially at Christmas time as the house is all decked out in decorations. Another cool point is that there is only… Continue reading An Evening of Victorian Dickens – A Christmas Carol

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Bob’s Road (a zombie story)

Happy Halloween everyone! Today, I'm sharing with you a rather extended writer's prompt I wrote for this Halloween occasion. My truck bumped it's way down "Bob's Road." I knew Gabby was scared. Her gaze darted around – out the windshield, the passenger window, the driver’s window – repeat. It was all I could do to… Continue reading Bob’s Road (a zombie story)