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Unimpressed Doggie


Keyser (front) and Basil show off their holiday spirit with their Christmas ties. Keyser’s expression however, is unimpressed. He’s so funny. They look sweet anyway!

Thanks to our groomer, Vada Club K9, in Winnipeg for the awesome accessories. I love this grooming shop. They take their time, give the dogs breaks when they need, are reasonably priced and my dogs always look and smell great when we leave.

Guess Who?


Please, let me in. . .

Keyser the adorable peeking in a frosty door.

Photo taken by me.

Please Pet Me! ~ Love, Mr. Stevens

pet me 2
Please pet me.

pet me 4
If I slow blink, you will pet me. By the power of the force I command you.

pet me 3
I know you’re typing, but I’m right here. See. *tap tap* Pet me.

pet me 5
Oh yeah.

pet me 1
OOOOOooooh, yeahhhhhh. That’s the spot, right there.

Photography 101 – Smokey, the Sneaky

smokey 72

I love this photo. Smokey has this uncanny way of sneaking onto an unsuspecting person to curl up and sleep. He moves so slowly that you actually don’t notice his arrival – it’s rather unsettling really. One moment your lap is empty, the next you look down and it’s like, “Oh, hello. Where did you come from?”

Photography 101 – Mr. Stevens


Mr Stevens

Mr. Stevens, 9ish years old

Mr. Stevens, Head of Catering on the Death Star

Mr. Stevens was in a desperate situation – find a new home, or off to the humane society. And being an eight year old cat, we didn’t think he’d be too likely to be adopted out. We already had a house full of cats, so what the heck – what’s one more?

Mr Stevens on floor

And really… who can resist that face? Or that belly?

And it didn’t take too long before he weazled is way into my heart and became — my favourite πŸ™‚

mr stevens love Here he is giving me some love.

mr stevens sleepingHe slept here on the sofa for 13.5 hours. Not kidding. I kept checking for breath. And the only reason he did eventually move was because a child annoyed him.

Click if you’re wondering where we got the name Mr. Stevens. . . He’s the head of catering on the Death Star of course! Thank you, comedian, Eddie Izzard. (F-word warning!)


Basil, the Mop

Basil is a Shih Tzu, born in June 2012. Here he is at 7 weeks old…

Basil 7 weeksΒ  Basil 7 weeks size

Basil 7 weeks hands
Remember Koda fit in James’ hand like this at 2 weeks? (Check out Koda’s blog post here.)

Basil and Koda sleeping
Sleeping with Koda. All together now… “Awwwweee.”

Basil and Koda
Sharing a stick…. πŸ™‚

Basil and Sally Basil and Sally lying on

His personality leads more to the mop-look as opposed to a well-groomed appearance, honestly. He’s very bouncy and completely adorable.


Sunny, the Special, Plays Catch

Sunny catch paper 1 Β Β  Sunny catch paper

Sunny, the Special, really does play catch with balls of paper.

Why a Wreath?

For Christmas celebrations we hang and decorate a four foot wreath over our fireplace instead of standing a tree in the window. We get different responses to the wreath, but most often the question is why a wreath? Or what do you mean you don’t have a tree?

We have cats, I tell them. We use to have to tie our tree to the wall from two different angles to keep it from being tipped over. Even with the tree being anchored we’d be picking up decorations daily, certainly we couldn’t have any breakable trimmings.

One day, I found the wreath! Problem solved!

sunny and the wreath

The Special, The Annoying and The Sneaky…

david with three cats small

David with Sunny the special, Sally the annoying, and Smokey the sneaky.