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6-word story: Mr. Stevens

I've always been intrigued by six-word stories. I often think of trying to write them, and finally decided to do so and share them with you. The most famous six-word story is Hemingway's: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Which is a tragic story and I only wish one day of coming up with something… Continue reading 6-word story: Mr. Stevens

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Unimpressed Doggie

Keyser (front) and Basil show off their holiday spirit with their Christmas ties. Keyser's expression however, is unimpressed. He's so funny. They look sweet anyway! Thanks to our groomer, Vada Club K9, in Winnipeg for the awesome accessories. I love this grooming shop. They take their time, give the dogs breaks when they need, are… Continue reading Unimpressed Doggie

Favourite Photos, Pet Shinanigans

Photography 101 – Smokey, the Sneaky

I love this photo. Smokey has this uncanny way of sneaking onto an unsuspecting person to curl up and sleep. He moves so slowly that you actually don't notice his arrival - it's rather unsettling really. One moment your lap is empty, the next you look down and it's like, "Oh, hello. Where did you… Continue reading Photography 101 – Smokey, the Sneaky

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Mr. Stevens, Head of Catering on the Death Star

Mr. Stevens was in a desperate situation - find a new home, or off to the humane society. And being an eight year old cat, we didn't think he'd be too likely to be adopted out. We already had a house full of cats, so what the heck - what's one more? And really... who… Continue reading Mr. Stevens, Head of Catering on the Death Star

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Why a Wreath?

For Christmas celebrations we hang and decorate a four foot wreath over our fireplace instead of standing a tree in the window. We get different responses to the wreath, but most often the question is why a wreath? Or what do you mean you don't have a tree? We have cats, I tell them. We… Continue reading Why a Wreath?