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A paradigm shift in thinking about “books for boys.”

I’ve been paying attention to what it means when we say “books for boys.” As authors and conference attendees we hear the following: There is a shortage of books for boys. Boys are more reluctant readers than girls. Due to number 2 above, publishers lean towards “books for girls” for better sales. If we don’t… Continue reading A paradigm shift in thinking about “books for boys.”

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Keeping the Outside World Out

I hear that writers often create soundtracks for their current work-in-progress. It helps to set the mood, get them in the zone, hear their characters speak to them. I have been asked if I create soundtracks for my books, I do not. However, I do write to music and it has to be a specific… Continue reading Keeping the Outside World Out

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Did You Like the Last Book You Read?

Did you like the last book you read? Maybe you told your friends about it. Word of mouth advertising is the best sales tool around. When you read a book you like, consider leaving a rating and review of it on,, GoodReads or 49th Shelf (for Canadian books). Maybe you're thinking, I don't… Continue reading Did You Like the Last Book You Read?

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Living Ideology – Fitting in Self-Care

I'm a busy person, looking after a busy family. With eight people and seven four-legged creatures living under one roof, it makes for chaos at the best of times. Try planning dinner -- who's here? who's working? what time is each person home? What activities are we rushing to? Did I make enough? ... Nope… Continue reading Living Ideology – Fitting in Self-Care

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Blogging About Teens

I read a blog post recently about moms who were sad that their little kids had grown into teens and they couldn't blog about them anymore. I was a little surprised because, as you all know, I blog about my teens. Thinking about it, I tried to figure out why these moms would have stopped… Continue reading Blogging About Teens

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Living Ideology: Being Happy for Others is Hard (…or — My Daughter Won a Car!)

Every year Tim Horton's has their Roll Up the Rim event. Millions of Canadians, over a one month period, slurp coffee and then roll up the rim of their cup to see if they won a prize... usually it's a free donut or coffee. However, while at college one particular morning, Shelby rolled up her… Continue reading Living Ideology: Being Happy for Others is Hard (…or — My Daughter Won a Car!)

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Living Ideology – Be the Change

(Photograph and meme design by me.) Everyone should do there part to make the world a better place. To help their friends, family, neighbours... and yes, strangers. Whether making a difference on a large international scale, national scale, local scale, personal scale... whichever, but make a difference. I always dreamed of making a change on… Continue reading Living Ideology – Be the Change