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7 Useful Apps

I hunted through my phone (I use Android.) and considered the apps I used most, or find the most useful. Here’s some I recommend:

Related imageInstasize. Want to make picture collages, add backgrounds, text, crop… anything really… Instasize is my app for prepping pics for Instagram. (Give me a follow! I’d love to see your gallery too.)

Image result for zedge app logoZedge. This is where I get backgrounds and ringtones to personalize my phone.

Image result for weather network app logo

Weather Network. I have tried so many apps to get the right weather display that I can follow. I’ve even tried paying for some (don’t do that… not worth it!) I always come back to the good old Weather Network.

Image result for my fitness pal app logoMy Fitness Pal. Great app for tracking all things diet and fitness! It also syncs with your FitBit, if you use one.

Image result for beep n go app logoBeep ‘n’ Go. I got tired of carrying so many membership cards for places where I shop. Beep ‘n’ Go holds them all for me on my phone. Works great!

Related imagePay By Phone. I’m not sure about other cities, but if you’re in Winnipeg, and you park downtown, you need this app! I pay for parking with my credit card, never have to run back to the meter to plug in more coins. I even get a text message when my time is running low.

Image result for manitoba 511 app logoManitoba 511. If you live in the country in Manitoba, you need this one. Highway conditions at your finger tips.


Authentic Victorian

Today is my third, and final, post about Dalnavert, an authentic Victorian era house museum in downtown Winnipeg.

In my first post I talked about our experience with a shadow puppet show of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. My second post showcased the formal Christmas dinner. Today, I wanted to share some photos I took in the house in general.

Every single item in the house is authentic to 1895, when the Sir Hugh McDonald family lived in the home.

A baking area in the kitchen with cookie cutters:

dalnavert bakingdalnavert cookie

A waffle iron that imprints hearts, diamonds and different shapes into the waffle:

dalnavert waffle

The ladies visiting parlour:

dalnavert visiting room

A view down the stairs:

dalnavert down the stairs

A bedroom. I love those boots!

dalnavert bedroomdalnavert shoes

At one time the walls were whitewashed. When the renovations were planned to turn the home back to its original Victorian state, everything had to be as it was in 1895 — right down to the wallpaper, which they were able to gather samples of here and there from each room. Then they found the original wallpaper makers in Europe and it was replicated and re-hung. The attention to detail is outstanding.

I highly recommend you check out Dalnavert if you have the opportunity.

Umm, Which Fork?

Dalnavert is a Victorian house museum in Winnipeg, that has been restored to it’s original 1895 grandeur when Sir Hugh McDonald and his family lived in the home. Sir Hugh was the son of Sir John A. McDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister.


Dalnavert table setting This is a single place setting for a formal Christmas dinner. Which fork to use? Start from the outside and work your way in right? How many courses could this be?

Dalnavert table A grand looking table.

Dalnavert pickle jar This is a pickle jar.

Dalnavert menu And the menu sits at the head of the table.

A feast for sure!

This is my second post about Dalnavert, see also my post about the reading of Charles Dicken’s, A Christmas Carol.


An Evening of Victorian Dickens – A Christmas Carol


Dalnavert is a house turned museum located in downtown Winnipeg. It has been restored to it’s original Victorian era condition including decor, furniture and even the wallpaper. It’s a popular spot to check out, especially at Christmas time as the house is all decked out in decorations. Another cool point is that there is only one paid staff member at Dalnavert, everyone else who works there is a volunteer.

Dalnavert townJames and I went for the first time just before Christmas. After a tour through the house, everyone gathered in the conference room (an addition off the back of the house) for a reading of Charles Dicken’s, A Christmas Carol. What we didn’t know was what to expect at the reading. Is someone going to sit at the front of the room and read the story?

Much to our delight the reading took place as a shadow puppet show!

Dalnavert second ghostDalnavert third ghost

As seen here, it was a person show with the puppeteer reading the story as she acted it out with the shadows. Absolutely magical!

Dalnavert marley's ghost


Here is the puppet used for Jacob Marley’s ghost. The beads formed his chains.

Dalnavert backstage And this is the “backstage” set-up.

During intermission a wonderful smelling apple cider and dainties were served. And we especially enjoyed the rich smooth hot chocolate.

Overall the evening was fantastic and I would highly recommend checking out a Dalnavert tour or the Christmas special event next year.

I will post more of Dalnavert, next up – a peek at a Victorian formal dinner.




An Experience at Carnaval – Brazilian BBQ

Carnival 1

Carnaval is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Winnipeg. It appears to be expensive, but for the experience you get – it’s not!

carnival bbq Carnaval is an all-you-can-eat BBQ.

carnival 2 The waiters walk around with huge skewers of different kinds of marinated meat.

carnival 3 Each customer gets a two-sided card. Green means bring on the BBQ, red means not right now.


carnival 4 A view of Waterfront Drive from the restaurant window.

Carnaval was a fun experience that we enjoyed with friends! If you’re willing to pay a little extra for a truly exceptional experience – I highly recommend!




Flitting Wings

butterfly 1 butterfly 2

butterfly 3 butterfly 4

butterfly 5 butterfly 6

The flitting wings of butterflies.

Assiniboine Park Zoo, butterfly house.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
This was my first time testing my new macro lens. 100mm.

Photo Finish

horse flowers

horse photo finish

horse finish line

horses crossing finish

Assiniboia Downs Horse Racing

I love horses.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Frog Prince

frog on lily pad 2 - Copy

The Frog Prince waited on his lily pad, practicing his best pucker. The kiss never came.

Leo Mol Garden
Assiniboine Park
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Photography 101- Lily Pads

lilypads for web copy

Lily pads in the pond at the Leo Mol Garden at Assiniboine Park.


Photography 101 – Plant Sheep

plant sheep - Copy

A plant sheep at Nature’s Playground in Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba.