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Town Mascots

In July 2016, my family drove from Winnipeg to Bakers Narrows, Manitoba. Bakers Narrows is a small town north of The Pas and somewhere south of Flin Flon. Along the way, I captured some images of town mascots. The white horse at St. Francois Xavier. Created by Winnipeg sculptor George Barone, the statue commemorates an… Continue reading Town Mascots

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The Main St. Confectionery

Our first evening at Magic Kingdom, we explored Main Street while we worked our way towards Cinderella's castle. Shelby and Matt were (oddly) in agreement to check out the Main St. Confectionery. Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Watching the bakers create the wonderful Disney-themed desserts was fun. Everything is made behind glass windows so guests can watch… Continue reading The Main St. Confectionery

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Living Ideology – Fitting in Self-Care

I'm a busy person, looking after a busy family. With eight people and seven four-legged creatures living under one roof, it makes for chaos at the best of times. Try planning dinner -- who's here? who's working? what time is each person home? What activities are we rushing to? Did I make enough? ... Nope… Continue reading Living Ideology – Fitting in Self-Care

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Seeing Bea in the Roaring 20’s

I attended the Manitoba Book Awards on Saturday night, for the first time. My novel, Empty Cup, was shortlisted in the McNally Robinson Book for Young People, older category. I didn't win, but having my first novel shortlisted is a true honour. I congratulate the winner, Eva Wiseman for her book The World Outside. As… Continue reading Seeing Bea in the Roaring 20’s