Suzanne Costigan writes middle grade and young adult novels and dabbles in picture books. Her first young adult novel, Empty Cup, was published by Rebelight Publishing Inc in 2014. She is currently working on a new young adult contemporary novel and a middle grade fantasy novel.

Her best friend is James… they date, which is good considering they live under the same roof. He’s originally from England… and, yes, the accent hooked her. πŸ™‚ They live a short drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in a house in the country where there is a lot of peace and quiet. Together they foster two boys and Suzanne’s biological son lives at home. (She has a daughter who lives in Winnipeg.) They also enjoy their beloved furry mixture of adorable little dogs and aging tired cats – who don’t like adorable little dogs.

The title of this blog is Living Lunacy. When she started writing this blog, their home was a busy place. Lots of people and pets, always someone on the go. They lived in the city and life felt fast and crazy. The family made a change the summer of 2016, and moved to the country. In the summer they can’t see their neighbours for trees. It’s quiet. Peaceful. A good move.

Her personal interests are parenting, writing, editing, reading, movies, yoga, and photography. She eats raw vegan about 80% of the time – her family does not. She wishes she could sing, dance, roller-blade… and write faster!

  • The best young adult novel she’s ever read is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Alexie Sherman.
  • The best adult novel is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.
  • The best movie ever – The Departed (Directed by Martin Scorsese)
  • Music – 80’s and current rock! (Although she’s open to other stuff.)

Suzanne hopes you enjoy sharing in her journey. She does read and respond to emails and would love to hear from you. Visit her contact page.

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