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A Minute of Time with Christina Albig

christina-author-pic I asked long time Anita Factor member, Christina, the following two questions:

I’m aware of many of your artistic outlets: writing, reading, painting, drawing, baking, crafting, home décor… Which is your favourite and why?

My favourite artistic outlet would be drawing/painting. It’s very satisfying to start with nothing and create something beautiful.

Image result for blackwell pagesFinished reading anything worth recommending lately?

I have recently read he Blackwell Pages trilogy by K. L. Armstrong and Melissa Marr. It’s a captivating, action packed series incorporating Norse mythology, and I’d highly recommend it for middle grade readers.

Please connect with Christina:

Website: Ink and Attic
Facebook: Christina Albig Janz
Instagram: Christina Albig Janz – see Christina’s cakes!

Christina likes the quirky and the queer, and enjoys trying to come up with characters and settings that fit in her writing. She writes for middle grade children.


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