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Reorganizing Social Media

Sometimes you just need relax, re-evaluate, and fix what’s broken, or at least try. This blog was a collaboration of my life interests – mostly writing life, flexitarian lifestyle, photography, and family. But that makes it difficult for you to know what to expect from me. In an attempt to make things easier, I’ve separated my interests with the intent of being more predictable for you.


My Suzanne Costigan blog, this website, is now solely for my writing life. I’ve added a static front page that introduces readers to my book and I’ve kept blog posts from the last year and half that have to do with writing, reading, writing life, writing friends, etc. My older posts still stay as they are nice memories for me, but it’s not likely that too many followers go that far back. Please continue to follow here to meet authors, book reviews, and updates on what’s happening with my own writing.

A Flexitarian Journey

I created a new blog called A Flexitarian Journey and launched it this past week. Some of you follow my blog for my flexitarian lifestyle, recipes, exercise, diabetes posts, (etc.) and I wanted to identify that part of my life separately from my writing life. I have moved blog posts related to this lifestyle off of this blog and onto that one and all new posts regarding healthy living will be made there. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


My photography will now mostly be showcased on my Instagram account. Please connect with me on Instagram if you followed along for photography reasons.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on individualizing my interests and if you think this was a good move?



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