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A Minute of Time with Gabriele Goldstone

gabe-photoI have asked friend, fellow Anita Factor writng group member, and historical fiction author, Gabriele Goldstone, two questions:

You recently said these beautiful words — “I love my life since retirement.” What’s the best part?

Best part about retirement? Two things…time and energy. When I was working, time was measured, chopped up into little pieces, regimented. A day couldn’t happen without a clock.

Now I can focus on what I’m doing, not when I’m doing it. The other thing, probably more important, is energy. I was running low. And I’ve learned that if you don’t take care of yourself, there’s nothing left for you to give to others.

Mostly, what I love about retirement is the time to putter. Just to go slow and smell the roses.

Image result for A Second Coming: Canadian Migration FictionFinished reading anything worth recommending lately?

I finished reading “A Second Coming: Canadian Migration Fiction” (ed by Donald F. Mulcahy and published by Guernica, 2016.) It’s a potpourri of immigrant stories. I hadn’t read short stories in a while and enjoyed them.

Please connect with Gabriele:
Website/Blog: gabrielegoldstone.blogspot.ca
Twitter: @gabegoldstone


Gabe Red Stone Cover


Gabe considers herself an explorer (reader), a gardener (writer), and a muller (as in mulling things over, preferably while walking). After years of rushing about madly, she’s embracing a slower, simpler life.






Gabriele has two books published  in her Katya’s Stone series [Rebelight Publishing Inc.]. The series is middle grade (ages 9 to senior have enjoyed this series) historical fiction based on the true events that happened to her mother during WWII. Click book images for links to Amazon.ca:




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