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Consent… why is this a difficult concept?

In my young adult novel, Empty Cup, main character, Raven, is sexually assaulted by her mom’s boyfriend. Raven didn’t consent and clearly says “no” several times. Regardless, her mother blames her for the attack and kicks Raven out of the house. The story continues from there, how Raven deals with post-traumatic stress and homelessness.

I’m following a news story from Halifax right now about a woman who was allegedly raped by a taxi driver while she was drunk and getting a ride home. The taxi driver was found innocent with the judge making the comment “clearly, a drunk can consent.” The woman was three times over the legal limit. And taking a taxi home after drinking should be completely safe. Currently, many people are rallying in support of the woman and calling for an inquiry into the judge.

Why is the concept of consent difficult to understand? This is my soap-box! This story and stories like it wear on my mind.

If someone is not sure what the definition of consent is, the Thames Valley Police put together a short video that uses humour, but sends a clear message. Please watch.

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