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A Minute of Time with Pat Trottier

pat-trottierPat is a fellow founding member of the Anita Factor writing group. Since we’ve met, she has retired from a teaching career, but her passion for children and learning is evident in her retired life. Pat is non-stop go – her energy is inspiring!

Being one of the most positive people I know, with Pat, there is ALWAYS a silver lining, and I love her for it! Her critiques of our writing are always glowing with way more positives than “heads up moments.” She is a constant reminder to look on the bright side.

I asked Pat the following two questions:

I have watched you learn a lot of new skills over the past two years. Which new skill was the most fun to learn?

It’s been so rewarding working with my Anita friends as I have learned so much about writing during our meetings, readings and sharing. The Anita’s constantly give me encouragement to keep moving forward.

This past year I’ve enjoyed learning to use Twitter. Pembroke Publishing as well as the Anita’s have given me a lot of direction and feedback on using tweetdeck.twitter.com while I’m connecting with educational chat groups. Twitter has connected me with writers and educators in Canada, the United States and around the world. It’s a great tool to communicate with like-minded people and share ideas. I still have lots to learn but know help is just a tweet away.

What was the last book you finished? Would you recommend it?

Nujeen: One Girl's Journey from War-Torn Syria in a Wheelchair by [Mustafa, Nujeen, Lamb, Christina]I am just finishing Nujeen – One Girl’s Incredible Journey from War-Torn Syria in a Wheelchair by Nujeen Mustafa with Christina Lamb. Nujeen and her sister bravely travelled 3,593 miles from Syria to Germany. Her sister pushed Nujeen’s wheelchair most of the way; sometimes they paid for rides on a boat, bus, car and a train. In Germany, Nujeen attended school for the first time in her life. I recommend this book because it gives an honest look into the daily struggles and fears of watching war move closer to your home and then quickly deciding that you needed to flee to save your life. Before leaving they needed to figure out a safe escape route and gather money to help pay their way.

Please connect with Pat:

Website: Pat Trottier Books
Twitter: @PatPattrott


Pat Trottier, M.Ed., has been actively involved in education in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for more than thirty years. Pat has worked with students in the early, middle, and senior years as a teacher, resource specialist, and administrator. Her extensive support of students in and outside of the classroom includes leading volunteer programs, preparing students for the work force, student council leadership, and helping parents with issues around child development and study skills. She recognizes the important role of physical activity and has coordinated a girl’s hockey team and Irish dancing classes. Committed to the professional development of teachers, Pat has been involved in developing a writing curriculum with early year’s teachers and an award-winning video, “To Do The Same Thing.”

As an author, Pat self-published The Other “R” in Education: Relationships in 2014 and this fall, 2016 published Relationships Make The Difference for Pembroke Publishers.


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  1. Hi Suzanne, I love working with you too. Thanks for putting a spotlight on my writing. I feel so honoured⭐ and appreciate all of your support and encouragement!!

    Thanks again!!


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