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A Minute of Time with Gabriele Goldstone

Gabriele (Gabe) and I have been friends for about six years now. She was a fellow founding member of the Anita Factor writing group. Gabe’s commitment to a writing schedule and consistency is something I have long admired. At each Anita Factor meeting, we have time to read from our own writing for critique and Gabe is the one member who consistently has something to read at every meeting! And no, Gabe, it’s not “boring!” 😀

Isn’t this a gorgeous photo? I just love this one. gabe-photo

Anyway, I have asked Gabe two questions. One of them by now you’ll likely have noticed is consistent. What book did you last read and would you recommend it? I think it’s important to keep the word flowing about great books!

So, Gabe, which book was it?

“The last book I read was “Prussian Nights” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (translated from Russian to English by Robert Conquest). 1977.

“It’s a 100-page narrative poem abut the Soviet attack of East Prussia during the final months of 1945. I picked it up for three reasons.

  1. It’s Solzenitsyn.
  2. It’s set in the exact area and time that my mom attempted to flee the Soviets.
  3. It’s research for my own writing.

“Now that I’m finished, I embrace more than ever the horror of war and the humanity of the ‘enemy.’ I appreciate the truth of Buffy St. Marie’s song, Universal Soldier. So, yes, read it. Short and evocative!”

What are your ethics of writing about historical figures?

“I explore the lives of ‘little people.’ This gives me room to be flexible—after all, I’m writing fiction.  When it comes to famous figures, I rely on facts. When it comes to documented events, I turn to facts.  I do a lot of research to make my settings, my characters and their worlds as true-to-life as possible. However, my books are an interpretation and not memoir. But here’s a question…aren’t all memories interpretations?”

Please connect with Gabriele:
Website/Blog: gabrielegoldstone.blogspot.ca
Twitter: @gabegoldstone

Gabriele has two books published  in her Katya’s Stone series [Rebelight Publishing Inc.]. The series is middle grade historical fiction based on the true events that happened to her mother during WWII. Click book images for links to Amazon.ca:

Gabe Red Stone Cover  broken_stone_fcover

Gabe considers herself an explorer (reader), a gardener (writer), and a muller (as in mulling things over, preferably while walking). After years of rushing about madly, she’s embracing a slower, simpler life.



1 thought on “A Minute of Time with Gabriele Goldstone”

  1. Love your sharing of Gab. I love how Gab is stopping to take time to relish all around her. She’s a inspiration to her fellow writers and a great reminder to slow down. Her writing reminds me of the importance of freedom and all the hard work and toiling that people put into getting there.


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