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A Minute of Time with MaryLou Driedger


Today, I’m introducing you to my friend, MaryLou Driedger. MaryLou is one of the most fascinating women I have ever met and I truly admire her spirit. She has strength in the face of adversity that inspires me, especially with regard to views and rights of women. MaryLou is a member of The Anita Factor writing group.


I asked MaryLou the following two questions:

What is the funniest thing that happened to you laImage result for netflix detectoriststely?

“The thing that has made me laugh out loud in the last few weeks is a British television series on Netflix called detectorists. It follows the members of a metal detecting club in a small community. Great writing, great characters, great scenery and incredibly funny in a droll way.”

What was the last book you finished reading? Would you recommend it?

“Just finished reading Tuscon Jo by Carol Matas.  I chose it because it is by a Manitoba author and is set in Arizona where I am holidaying for a couple months. I would recommend it especially if you are writing historical fiction for middle graders set at the turn of the century in the United States. I am working on a novel like that right now.  I had never heard of Fictive Press who published the book. Found out they publish work with a Jewish influence. The main character in this story is from a Jewish family. Since I am also working on another middle grade story from Judaic history it might be a good place to send that manuscript once I have polished and enhanced it.”

Please connect with MaryLou:
Twitter: @madajobukaal
Facebook: @maryloudriedger
Instagram: @maryloudriedger
Blog: What’s Next

MaryLou Driedger is a newpaper columnist, art gallery tour guide and university student supervisor who lives in an old warehouse in downtown Winnipeg.  Her favorite role in life is being a grandmother. She loves to travel, read and blog and dreams of someday having one of the stories she writes for children published.




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