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A Minute of Time with Deborah Froese

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by super special people. My writing group, The Anita Factor, is ten members of strong, closely knit friendships and I feel privileged to be a part of this group. I thought it might be fun to ask my fellow writers some questions, so developed a new blog theme called “A Minute of Time with [Name].” I’m interviewing each of them, two questions at a time. These posts will pop up often on my blog and should be fun, informative, insightful and, of course, creative!

deb-edit-6-x-6-2016-11-24Let me introduce you to Deborah Froese.

Deb (I get to call her Deb!) and I actually met several years ago… 17 years, I think, when I took my very first “Writing for Children and How to Get Published” course through Red River College. It was Deb’s first year teaching the program. We reconnected several years later and shortly after that she became a member of the Anita Factor.

I asked Deb these two questions:

Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

“That is a fantastic question! It depends upon the season. There are times when I gather up the folds of life and hold them close, and there are times when I step out to seize hold of something new.”

What was the last book you finished reading? Would you recommend it? 

“The last book I finished was The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George, an exquisitely written story about a bookseller who prescribes his patrons books for ailments of the heart and soul, but has trouble healing his own broken heart.”

Deb Mr Jacobsons Window

Please connect with Deborah:
Twitter: @DeborahFroese
Instagram: @deborahfroese
Website/Blog: www.deborahfroese.com

Deborah Froese is the author and illustrator of
Mr. Jacobson’s Window [Peanut Butter Press].


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