Being “Flexitarian”

Grail Springs Holistic Detox for Body, Mind & Spirit by Madeleine Marentette, was the first book I read about detoxing. I read it about five years ago and to this day it holds spot number one for me for explaining the detox process, and includes fantastic recipes.

I once ate a strictly raw vegan diet for an entire summer, five months (I’m in Manitoba so that includes spring and fall.) One of my friends asked me how I was feeling and my answer – “Invincible!” Truly, I could have jumped over a building if I’d set my mind to it, I felt like a superhero. I slept well, woke up alert, needed less sleep, my mind was clear and my body was energized. Then winter set in and slowly but surely comfort foods worked their way back in to my diet. But I never forgot how I felt when I was clean eating.


Learning how my body responds to food has been a long process dealing with a whole life of weight issues. I now own a whole shelf of raw vegan and detox cookbooks.

Five years and a diabetes diagnosis later, I would likely be classified under “flexitarian.” I eat about 85% vegan, most of that being raw with lots of greens, however it’s cold right now, so I do heat up some recipes. The other 15% is the flexitarian part – I eat some meat (mostly chicken or fish), some carbs and snacky foods in strict moderation. And by strict, I do mean strict! I also have no sugar unless it’s natural out of a fruit. And I’m feeling great!

I tried and failed many times at maintaining a full on raw vegan diet. Living in a house where I’d end up making two meals all the time (“mine” and “theirs”), it would get frustrating. So, I had to resolve to adapt a bit. It’s taken years to get it honed to what it is right now, and it’s always in flux.I’m still learning.

If you too are struggling with eating healthy and what works for you, don’t give up. Keep reading and researching and make small changes that you can stick with. Over time, following a long and winding road that occasionally doubles back on itself, the changes will become habit and the benefits will show.



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Author of Empty Cup, a contemporary, social issues based young adult novel.

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  1. I try to follow a flexitarian diet. But I’m working on being stricter to be more vegan. I typically save meat for dinner. I’d like to reduce my consumption of meat but not totally eliminate it. In have a huge issue sugar and unhealthy snacking outside of home.

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    • Hello HealthyNappyNerdyMommy! Thank you for commenting.

      I think many people struggle with strict diets as raw vegan and vegan. I too will have meat only once per day at most, I often try to go a few days between, however, when I do eat it, it’s a small portion.

      Eating outside the home is a big struggle. I’ve learned that I can ask for substitutions from the menu and I haven’t come across issues with that. I have also learned that some restaurants are easier than others, and I tend to stick to the restaurants where I know I can have a few choices.

      As for sugar, I’ve been fortunate I guess that I prefer salty snacks over sweet. So cutting the sugar was more about removing the processed foods and coffee… ahh, coffee. 🙂 Occasionally, I miss it, but I have found some fabulous herbal teas. Reading labels really opened my eyes that sugar is in almost everything! How ridiculous and shame on food companies.

      Just take it one meal at a time. Do you plan your meals ahead and grocery shop according to those needs. A menu plan and grocery list are my biggest allies. Keep moving forward. Wanting to change is the first step, and you are already implementing those changes. Focus on creating one change at a time.

      Thanks for the follow, I look forward to chatting with you more!

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  2. Good for you! It’s so inspiring to read about such self-control!


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