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Authentic Victorian

Today is my third, and final, post about Dalnavert, an authentic Victorian era house museum in downtown Winnipeg.

In my first post I talked about our experience with a shadow puppet show of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. My second post showcased the formal Christmas dinner. Today, I wanted to share some photos I took in the house in general.

Every single item in the house is authentic to 1895, when the Sir Hugh McDonald family lived in the home.

A baking area in the kitchen with cookie cutters:

dalnavert bakingdalnavert cookie

A waffle iron that imprints hearts, diamonds and different shapes into the waffle:

dalnavert waffle

The ladies visiting parlour:

dalnavert visiting room

A view down the stairs:

dalnavert down the stairs

A bedroom. I love those boots!

dalnavert bedroomdalnavert shoes

At one time the walls were whitewashed. When the renovations were planned to turn the home back to its original Victorian state, everything had to be as it was in 1895 — right down to the wallpaper, which they were able to gather samples of here and there from each room. Then they found the original wallpaper makers in Europe and it was replicated and re-hung. The attention to detail is outstanding.

I highly recommend you check out Dalnavert if you have the opportunity.


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