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An Evening of Victorian Dickens – A Christmas Carol


Dalnavert is a house turned museum located in downtown Winnipeg. It has been restored to it’s original Victorian era condition including decor, furniture and even the wallpaper. It’s a popular spot to check out, especially at Christmas time as the house is all decked out in decorations. Another cool point is that there is only one paid staff member at Dalnavert, everyone else who works there is a volunteer.

Dalnavert townJames and I went for the first time just before Christmas. After a tour through the house, everyone gathered in the conference room (an addition off the back of the house) for a reading of Charles Dicken’s, A Christmas Carol. What we didn’t know was what to expect at the reading. Is someone going to sit at the front of the room and read the story?

Much to our delight the reading took place as a shadow puppet show!

Dalnavert second ghostDalnavert third ghost

As seen here, it was a person show with the puppeteer reading the story as she acted it out with the shadows. Absolutely magical!

Dalnavert marley's ghost


Here is the puppet used for Jacob Marley’s ghost. The beads formed his chains.

Dalnavert backstage And this is the “backstage” set-up.

During intermission a wonderful smelling apple cider and dainties were served. And we especially enjoyed the rich smooth hot chocolate.

Overall the evening was fantastic and I would highly recommend checking out a Dalnavert tour or the Christmas special event next year.

I will post more of Dalnavert, next up – a peek at a Victorian formal dinner.





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