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Shut up, Cole!

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Last winter, I participated in a book blog tour just after Empty Cup was released. I wrote this interview between my main character, seventeen-year-old Raven, and her friend, Cole. It was originally published on Lisa T. Cresswell’s book review blog.

I hope it gives you a little insight to the characters and maybe even peak some curiousity about the story!


Interview with Raven and Cole – one week before the story begins:

Raven: Are you stoned and we’re being interviewed?

Cole: Uh, yeah.

Raven: You’re going to embarrass me on this blog.

Cole: Come on Raaavenn. I’d never do that. *LOL*

Interviewer: Did you just say that you’re stoned?

Raven: *points her finger* He is. He always is.

Interviewer: Do you have a drug problem, Cole?

Cole: I’ll take the fifth. Thanks.

Interviewer: The fifth? As in you’re not talking about it?

Cole: Coorrrect.

Raven: He’s dealing with some stuff… uh, his parents, umm–

Cole: Not talking about it. Neither are you.

Interviewer: Okay. Well, we were here to discuss your plans for after high school. Should we talk about that?

Cole: I plan to watch TV.

Raven: *rolls eyes* I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I’ll need to work and save up. I’ll still be working at The Funky Bean and I’m hoping for full time so I can get my own place. Live with a friend maybe. Lyla.

Cole: Hee hee, yeah, you need your own place. You could live with me you know.

Raven: Like hell. No way.

Cole: What? Why not?

Raven: Well for one – you’re stoned all the time.

Cole: Maybe I won’t be when you move in.

Raven: I’m not moving in!

Interviewer: All right… so, Raven, you want to move out on your own. Do you plan to go to college or university?

Cole: You should, you’re smart.

Raven: I’d like to. But I don’t know what I want to do yet. I’d need to pay for it, so part-time maybe. Ideally, I won’t be here in Winnipeg . . . I would go to school somewhere else.

Interviewer: You just said you wanted to work full time at the Funky Bean.

Raven: Yeah, I do. I mean. I will work there, as long as I’m living here. But one day, I don’t want to live here. I want to go away, you know, with someone.

Cole: Someone? Who?

Raven: I don’t know yet.

Cole: One of those knights in shining armour you always draw? Going to whisk you off into the sunset? *LOL*

Interviewer: You’d like to leave Winnipeg?

Raven: Yes.

Interviewer: If you left Winnipeg, where would you go?

Raven: Anywhere my mom is not.

Interviewer: Interesting. You don’t get along with your mother?

Cole: She’s a high strung biatch! Raven shouldn’t live with her now.

Raven: Cole, leave it. I’ll umm… take the fifth.

Interviewer: I see. Ok, well… you like to draw?

Raven: Yeah, I love to draw. I have a sketchbook in my room.

Cole: She’s a good drawer.

Raven: Shut up, Cole.

Cole: What? She is! You are!

Interviewer: Well, I do wish you both all the best with your last semester of grade 12. Cole, I hope your TV watching dreams come true. And Raven, you never know, maybe your knight in shining armour will find you and you both live happily ever after.

Cole: Ahem… I’m that knight.

Raven: Shut up, Cole…


I’ve been ecstatic to receive all four and five star reviews for my first book. Empty Cup is available worldwide. Here’s a link to and


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