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Living Ideology – Fitting in Self-Care

I’m a busy person, looking after a busy family. With eight people and seven four-legged creatures living under one roof, it makes for chaos at the best of times. Try 20141216_205547planning dinner — who’s here? who’s working? what time is each person home? What activities are we rushing to? Did I make enough? … Nope (oops!) It happens. . . (sorry David!)

Always being on the run, “chauffeur” should be on my resume — along with “master time manager.” 🙂

We make sure that James and I get us-time. (Special thanks to our respite workers!) It’s a relationship saver.

But sometimes… just sometimes… I need me time. I did some thinking on my self-care tactics and realized that I’ve actually developed some good habits at taking time when I need it. I’m also pretty good at sneaking in me time even when I’m hanging out with the family – it’s always possible if the TV is on!

Sometimes I create a self-spa with a bubble bath, music, candles and a good book. 20141227_223504See you in a couple hours.


You’re all well aware that I love photography. I like to take my camera and go by myself somewhere. Getting a great shot is a huge rush for me. And I mean a great shot by my standards, not someone else’s. Self-care isn’t about what others think, it’s about enjoying yourself immensely.

I read a lot.

I enjoy absolute silence. (When all the kids are at school and pets are all napping.) This is actually rare.

I accomplish self-care while hanging out with the family usually during TV/movie time. I’m in the room, I’m interacting with others, but I’m also fawn - Copybeing creative at the same time. I have “my” corner of the sofa. Near it I have my “tools” – whatever it is I’m into at the time. (Important to note: It’s OK for interests to change!)

I’ve been creating photo albums for about fifteen years. I used to make actual Creative Memories (TM) scrapbooks with real developed photos – you know, back in the day… but now, I use online services and once or twice a year,  photo books appear in our home. I’m still about two years behind in general family 20150515_143246_resizedphotos, however, I make sure our holidays are recorded as soon as possible. Disney/Universal took me about six months, committing about three to four hours per week to the project. The important thing is that when it felt like a chore, I stopped. Self-care, remember!


I occasionally teach myself zen-tangling:

20150515_143504_resized  20150515_143516_resized

 20150515_143541_resized  20150515_143554_resized

A few minutes getting a cuddle from Mr. Stevens definitely counts as self-care. 20141114_135740

Recently, I’m into “adult” colouring books — not X-rated!! I mean highly detailed!

20150515_143007_resizedEven bought myself my own set of pencil crayons and a sharpener that no one else is allowed to use.

That’s something else I’ve noted is important. I need to have the right tools in order to not be stressed. No sense trying to do something unless you have everything you need to make it fun. My kids have their own bin of crayons. They don’t need to use mine. Against popular demand – mothers do not need to sacrifice everything for their children. Those are my crayons dammit. 🙂

Anyway, where was I… oh, yes. I’ve also recently discovered a fabulous nail polish brand. My other new thing is painting my nails. (I get ideas from Laura at Fun Lovin’ Travelers and then add my own twist.) I’m particularly proud of these ones and thought they were photo-worthy.

20150513_135410_resizedYou may be waiting for me to add writing to my list. Novel writing is now my “job,” so not a self-care activity. I should mention however that I love my writing job!

Oh, and I should mention my favourite self-care activity – napping. Sometimes at 2:00 p.m. I just can’t focus any more, so twenty minutes on the sofa does wonders. Yes, one of the luxuries of working from home, I know.

I hope you have several ways of taking care of yourself, or are inspired to start if you aren’t making some time. I’d love to hear how you spend your one-on-one you time. Leave a comment. 🙂



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