Wit and Wisdom at Age 4

#10 Wit and Wisdom at Age 4

While examining his McDonald’s cheeseburger.

“Where does hamburgers come from?”

“Hmm, from a cow.”

“Cows come to McDonald’s and drop off the hamburgers.”

“Uh… yeah, something like that.”

2 thoughts on “#10 Wit and Wisdom at Age 4”

    1. LOL There is actually more to the story. He became rather fixated on it and kept bringing it up over the next several days and vague answers weren’t really cutting it anymore. Eventually someone (I’m not sure who, I believe it was another child) told him that we eat the cows. Being quite horrified he instantly became vegetarian — by his own decision — and it lasted for about five months! He does eat meat now though. His diligence over that time was pretty incredible to witness. He would ask at every meal if his food had meat in it. He had a good example though as Shelby has been pescatarian (vegetarian but eats fish) for years.


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