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Blogging About Teens

I read a blog post recently about moms who were sad that their little kids had grown into teens and they couldn’t blog about them anymore.

I was a little surprised because, as you all know, I blog about my teens. Thinking about it, I tried to figure out why these moms would have stopped blogging about their kids. One theory — that teens would be embarrassed (if not terrified) about what their parents would say about them — online! USE 72 dpi

Then I put some thought into why I get away with it? How is it that I don’t even bat an eye about telling stories about my kids. Well, for starters, I have a great relationship with my teens – so that’s helpful. And, I think even more importantly, I ask their permission to blog stuff about them. Matt 4x6

“Hey, can I post that photo I took of you… ?”

Or – for the funny conversations, I pull out my phone and start taking notes as they banter back and forth… then they look at me, “Are you writing this down for your blog?”  Me – “Yes, don’t mind me, continue…”

I take notes in front of them. It’s obvious what I’m doing. If they ask, I tell them. No sneak attacks. They know what’s coming, or at least have an idea. And if they don’t want me to blog something – I don’t. “Mom, you’re not going to blog this are you?” “No, no. Don’t worry.” And they can trust that. The idea of the blog is to be fun, thoughtful, and create a connection with others – like you. (Thanks for following!)




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