Conversation Fun, My Book

A Big Baby

Shelby to her boyfriend, David:

“You’re so cute. If you had no dialogue, you’d just be a big baby.”

That’s a giraffe onesie!
Final book blog tour update for Empty Cup:
As my book blog tour comes to an end I would like to thank everyone who participated in writing a review or posting a guest post/interview/etc. This has been a fun two weeks and you are all such lovely people to do this! Thank you 🙂 ~Suzanne
The Caffeinated Booknerd – Book Review – 4/5 Cups of Coffee. “…able to catch my attention and kept me turning the pages until the very end.” ~ Ashley, reviewer
A Soul Unsung – Book Review – 4.5/5 Stars. “If you are looking for a novel that’s going to leave you floored, break all of your emotions, and then lift you up I would suggest Empty Cup to you. It’s not pretty, it’s damn hard to read, but it’s worth every bit of the time you’ll spend with it.” ~ Susan Haugland, reviewer
A Book Addicts Bookshelves – Interview.
Random Redheaded Ramblings – Book Review. 4/5 Stars.
Writer in Progress – Book Review. (**Spoiler Alert**) – “Books like this really serve a purpose to bring awareness…” and ” You will not be disappointed if you choose to pick up this book!” ~ Ella, reviewer
Savings in Seconds – Book Review. “…sad, raw and unflinching in biting reality.” ~ Dede, Reviewer



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