My Book, Wit and Wisdom at Age 4

#8 Wit and Wisdom at Age 4

“It’s past your bedtime, Bud.”

“I noticed, but I didn’t say anything because I wanted to stay up.”

night owl



Empty Cup Blog tour update: Visit Review/Buy page for full list of reviews:
Classy Cat Books – Author Interview (that’d be with me!)
Spiced Latte Reads – Book Review – 4/5 stars. “Great read, really recommended!”
Simple Wyrdings – Book Review – “…a good book with a lot of surprises.”
Mommabears Book Blog – I answer the question: Was this book inspired by a true story? If not, how did you come to think of it?
Rockin’ Book Reviews – Book Review – 5/5 stars. “…very well written and is sure to leave an impact on all who read it.” ~ Lu Ann Worley, reviewer.
Avid Book Collector – Book Review – 4/5 stars. “…you can’t help but hold on for dear life as you travel this journey…” and “Raven’s story will definitely have a place in my heart for quite some time…” ~ Tamara Bass, reviewer.

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