Pet Shinanigans

Mr. Stevens, Head of Catering on the Death Star

Mr. Stevens was in a desperate situation – find a new home, or off to the humane society. And being an eight year old cat, we didn’t think he’d be too likely to be adopted out. We already had a house full of cats, so what the heck – what’s one more?

Mr Stevens on floor

And really… who can resist that face? Or that belly?

And it didn’t take too long before he weazled is way into my heart and became — my favourite 🙂

mr stevens love Here he is giving me some love.

mr stevens sleepingHe slept here on the sofa for 13.5 hours. Not kidding. I kept checking for breath. And the only reason he did eventually move was because a child annoyed him.

Click if you’re wondering where we got the name Mr. Stevens. . . He’s the head of catering on the Death Star of course! Thank you, comedian, Eddie Izzard. (F-word warning!)



6 thoughts on “Mr. Stevens, Head of Catering on the Death Star”

    1. Thanks for commenting Carol. Mr. Stevens took several months to finally really fit in and feel at home, but he’s so adorable. And knows just how to manipulate us into petting him every time we walk past! (Isn’t that the cats’ way!) 🙂 Thanks for following!

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