Pet Shinanigans

Born the Size of His Nose

koda 2 weeks
2 Weeks Old

This is Koda at 2 weeks of age, sleeping soundly in the palm of James’ hand. This picture was take mid-December 2010. After considering all kinds of large breed dogs, we decided to check out this Golden Pyrenees (Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix). He slept the whole time of our visit. His brother on the other hand, barked the whole time… we knew we wanted a boy and of the two, we gladly picked the sleeper.

We made an excellent decision, Koda as it turns out is the most laid back relaxed dog one can get. He’s very calm and the perfect family dog. I spent a lot of time with him as a puppy, following both some professional dog training we had with a prior dog, as well as I read up on Caesar’s advice. (Dog whisperer extraordinaire Caesar Milan of course…). And as a result we couldn’t really ask for a better dog.

Koda at 3 weeks
at 3 weeks…

Naturally he grew…

10 weeks
10 weeks


11 weeks
11 weeks

and grew… 12 weeks...
…at 12 weeks…

…and grew…

... 3 months... (playing with Dobby the cat (RIP, Dobby))
… 3 months… (playing with Dobby the cat (RIP, Dobby))

and (all together now…) “GREW!”

It's a bug... about 10 months...
It’s a bug… about 10 months…








At his now full grown size, we can see that as a puppy he was about the size of his full grown nose now… incredibly really.

At four years old he’s still a mama’s boy.

3 years...
3 years…

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