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Three Authors… One Big Launch!

Sunday was an exciting day!

After two years of research and hard work, Rebelight Publishing Inc. launched it’s first three books at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

I haven’t talked a lot about my book on this blog…one thing I can’t stand from others is the hard sell coming into my inbox, so I’ve been sparing my followers 🙂 But today, I’m going to talk about it…

You can read about Empty Cup here on my website. This page will be updated periodically with where to buy the book and new photos, character info and whatever else I find may be interesting to share that relates to my novel.

However, Sunday was filled with excitement as we launched three novels and I have some pictures to share with you.

Larry Verstraete reading from Missing in Paradise

http://i1.wp.com/www.rebelight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/MISSING_COVER-2.jpgMissing in Paradise

Four months after Gramp’s mysterious death, Nate helps out at Gram’s garage sale. An eerie feeling, as if Gramps were reaching beyond the grave to send Nate a message, leads Nate to a box full of clues. A missing plane. A secret to keep. A map highlighting the route where Gramps died and the message, “Shipment #35—Gold”.

Nate and his best friend, Simon, are convinced that Gramps was on a treasure hunt when he died. They’re just as convinced that Gram’s shifty next door neighbour, Fortier, is after the gold too. Nate and Simon sneak away on a Greyhound bus for the small town of Paradise where Nate is sure treasure awaits.

Can they find the gold before Fortier gets his thieving hands on a treasure that rightfully belongs to Gramps?

Me reading from Empty Cup

Empty Cup CoverEmpty Cup

More than anything, Raven wishes for a knight to rescue her from a life of abuse. On her seventeenth birthday, her mom’s boyfriend assaults her. Mom blames Raven and kicks her out into a bitter winter night. As Raven struggles with the aftermath of betrayal, her knight appears in the form of a concerned teacher. But people are not always what they seem.


Melinda Friesen reading from Enslavement

http://i2.wp.com/www.rebelight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Book-Cover.jpgOne Bright Future: Enslavement

“One world. One currency. One bright future.”

 In the wake of global economic collapse, the OneEarth Bank promised world prosperity in exchange for compliance with the commerce chip insertions. Those who refuse the chip are vilified and labelled resistors—including Rielle James’s family.

On the day officers arrest her parents and seize her younger brother and sister, Rielle is assigned to a Community Service contract. Officially, contracts are portrayed as a way to rehabilitate kids from Resistor families, but in reality, they’re legalized slavery. Rielle’s contract is sold to the highest bidder—a wealthy and abusive banker. She quickly discovers that nothing in her owner’s home is as it appears. His seemingly perfect life is a facade that hides volatile secrets.

Escape means freedom and the possibility of finding her family–if she can pull it off. Prison or even death await if she fails.


We were all received well from the crowd that came to celebrate with us. We all had guests sign our own personal copies of our own books so we’d each have a keepsake from our day.

IMG_2695 IMG_2702 IMG_2690


2014-11-26 Lance coverAfter the launch, an article came out in our local area newspaper – we made the front cover! You can see the article here.

It’s been an exciting time for all of us.

Author Contact info:

Larry Verstraete: www.larryverstraete.com

Melinda Friesen: www.melindafriesen.com

Me… contact page

We’re all happy to hear from you.

Where to buy our books:

McNally Robinson Booksellers



Chapters/Indigo.ca (if they are not available at the time of this posting they will be within a few days!)

and soon – everywhere!



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