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Living with “the Accent”

“Here, Hon. Thought this might remind you of home.” The waitress plunks a plate of bread pudding down in front of James, while me – his girlfriend – and two of our boys look on from across the table. James moved to Canada from England years ago.

“Are you kidding me?” I say as she walks away. “Did she seriously just give you dessert on the house when we’re sitting here with two kids?”

He starts to laugh. Pushes the dessert into the centre of the table and the four of us share it.

This kind of scenario is not unusual for James. The number of stories we have of women swooning at his accent is… well… ridiculous. Let’s just say, it’s lucky for them that I’m good humoured about it and get a kick out of watching them turn to puddles.

I hear stories from his work day, the admin assistant who asked him to go with her to her work Christmas party. The waitress who asked him to “please, just keep talking.”

james and I in niagara falls
James and I on our family trip to Niagara Falls

I have even watched a professional, in my home, meeting me with me with no issues, turn into goo when James came in after work. She was talking to me fine, after he said “hello” and I introduced them, she couldn’t talk, she giggled mercilessly, and just became… well… stupid. So hilarious.

What can I say – there was once a time when I heard him talk for the first time, so I get it.

We date a lot – I mean each other! Which is good, because we live under the same roof with five kids. Keeping our relationship healthy is a priority. When we are stretched thin on time and juggling so many schedules, it’s imperative that we seek time together. We talk and laugh and kiss everyday.


5 thoughts on “Living with “the Accent””

  1. I have close friends he will purposely lay the accent on really thick, they practically gush on the phone… one of my friends had to hang up and call me back asking that I answer the phone – more than once (true story!)… my friends! Never mind the strangers. LOL


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