Pet Shinanigans

Our Wild Orange Tabby

Orange tabbies are wild cats. I’ve heard this often. And our ginga ninga, TJ, is no exception.


We got TJ when he was eleven weeks old. By the time he was six months old we knew he was crazy… a perfect fit for our lunacy life. Although Shelby named him TJ from the time we got him, within a few weeks we dubbed him “Tractor Jim” due to his loud purr.

TJ is the dominant puddy in the house. He takes first pick of territory. He pushes items off of shelves if they are in his way – books, cups, vases of flowers… no lit candles allowed in our house. He loves to be pet, scratched behind the ears and this position below begs for a belly rub. His favourite pose in his favourite sunbeam.

  pet comfort 2

He’s not much for cuddles unless it’s food time. And the only person who can pick him up (he actually climbs into her arms) is Shelby. He’s her cat.

TJ is the most stealthy cat I’ve seen. Our cats are supposed to be indoor cats. TJ disagrees. He sneaks out and is a terrific hunter; brings us “presents” all the time. We try to keep him in, but he hides and dashes as soon as the door opens. Once I even saw him sneak out walking underneath Koda, our Golden Pyrenees.

For all the chaos he causes, it’s a good thing he’s uber cute.


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