Conversation Fun

I Wanna be a Spy…but…

While out walking the dogs with my six year old foster son, he told me how he wants to be a spy when he grows up.

After the walk, he wanted to do some worksheets. We sat together at the dining room table and he picked the page he wanted to work on. Short ‘a’ practice. No problem — ram, cat, bat, lamp… we got it down on the first page. The second page was identifying the names of objects looking for the short ‘a’ sound, when finding one, he had to write the small letter ‘a’ underneath that object.

He – “I hate writing the letter ‘a’.”

Me – “By the time you’re thirty it won’t be a problem.”

Erasing his ‘a’ he tries again. “Argh… do spies have to write a lot of ‘a’s ?”


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