Pet Shinanigans

Bros – Sunny and Smokey

Sunny lives here.

Sunny short bus

Smokey lives here.

smokey lying funny

They’re twelve-year-old brothers. Can you tell? Other than they both lie in a ludicrous position on the banister… not really.

We joke that Sunny’s mother lied on his head as a kitten, he was shorted oxygen, thus making him, well… dumb. Of course, this isn’t so. The mother part I mean. However, if there was ever a cat made for a house of children – it’s Sunny. We call him the rag doll cat. Doesn’t much care what the kids do to him and he will always go back for more… like I said – dumb. Often referred to as “Sunny of the short-bus.”

Smokey possesses a grumpy disposition, his face always a frown. He cuddles on his own terms. A word for use for Smokey is stealthy. One minute your lap will be empty, next, he’s sneaked in and got comfy and you don’t even realize he’s appeared. (He practically apparates!) We’re not sure how he does it. He seems to tolerate the children and he’ll curl up on their lap if they’re sitting quietly. His fur is fluffiest of all the cats. James says he’d make a perfect pair of slippers… at least one anyway. 🙂


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