Stellar (and not so stellar) parenting moments

The Fidget Box

While attending a foster parent training, there were several items placed in the middle of each table. Observing that most people didn’t know what to do with these items, left them alone (me included) assuming they were part of the training to be used later. A few people at other tables were playing with items which  included, play doh, stress balls, crayons/paper, dice. The training commenced and the items were never mentioned…

The Fidget Box
The Fidget Box

At a later date, we had the same trainer for a different topic, and again these items were on the table. This time, before the session started she announced that these were fidget items and we were welcome to “fidget” while she spoke. Having “permission” to touch, suddenly many people in the room were testing out different items to mold in their hands, or wrap around their fingers, or doodle while the instructor spoke.

This gave me the idea of the fidget box. It sits in the middle of my dining room table – ALL THE TIME. I only remove it if we’re playing a board game and need the space. Otherwise it sits there, in the middle of all of us. I don’t allow play during meal times, but before and after is fine, and any other time is always open season on the fidget toys.

This is one of the best investments I’ve made. The toys are inexpensive and small. I have two strict rules. One, only fidget toys in the fidget box (not pens or feathers or craft left overs or FLYERS!!!) And two, that the fidget toys are always returned to the fidget box when done with them.

What’s in the fidget box?

fidget box close2 fidget box close1

  • Frog musical instrument
  • Several spinning tops
  • Rubber alien finger puppets
  • Jacobs ladder (A big favourite, just how does that work?!?)
  • Stress balls, squishy balls of different textures (one of them makes an infectious giggling sound)
  • Search and find bottle
  • Search and find wand (another favourite)
  • Bead maze
  • Hand held games
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Magnetic sculptor (don’t put this beside your laptop!!! Experience talking…)
  • A bag of storyteller chips (purchased from my good friend at Withershins Ink)

I encourage everyone to make their own fidget box. Adults love it just as much as the kids do!

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