Pet Shinanigans

The Fax Machine


After pondering all day about who to introduce you to first, the answer landed in my lap – literally.

This is Sally. She’s a nine-year-old, scrawny, slinky grey/black tabby. Her fur is silky smooth. Guests often mistake her for a six month old kitten because she’s so teeny. Persistence would not do justice to describe her personality. If she wants to be on your lap, and you don’t want her there, it doesn’t matter – she’ll win. (Cat owners are familiar with this attitude.) And she has a peculiar chewing fetish with freshly washed, still wet, hair.

She’s the only female pet that lives with us. And she gets along with everyone. Although it takes her a while to accept newbies (pets I mean, not people). She has a tendency to enter their personal space to take a sniff (pets have that must-sniff-butt thing), but if the sniffee dare make eye contact, she screams (I do mean scream, loud and high pitched) and dashes away. After several months – or years – of this behaviour, she will eventually decide they are worth curling up with and taking a snooze.

Her best friends are TJ the wild ginger tom, and Basil, the Shih Tzu.

This evening while faxing in some paperwork, Miss Baggy Bones here leaped to my lap. Froze. Sniffed. Moved two millimeters forward. Sniffed. Froze. And stared, mesmerized, as a piece of paper slid through the fax feeder. Sally fax 1

Sally fax 2

Then a small moth flapped against the outside of the window:

Sally fax 3Which required immediate investigation:

Sally fax 4




And after the moth flew off, we found her here under the buffet unit: Sally fax 5

Not even sure how she fit under there…

Much entertainment comes from small furry packages.

Do you have a persistent furry pet in your home? What sort of furry personalities do you live with?


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