See up at the top there? The banner? That’s all 14 of us living under one roof.

This many bodies help to keep warm throughout any Winnipeg (Canada) winter. Lie down on the sofa and within  three minutes I’ll have at least two cats and one dog lying on me – better than a blanket, those little warm bodies – two of them purring even. But you know, they never lie on my feet… ever. Cold toes suck. But, never mind winter talk – last year’s frigid snap bit wienies (with relish) and I don’t want to talk about that sad depressing winter. It’s summer – so let’s enjoy!

Fur. It’s my lot in life… those were red-haired Anne’s words weren’t they? It seems to be true though. I’m surrounded by humans and pets, they all shed. Some more than others. But out of these furry follies comes some of the most hilarious or endearing or – yes, let’s be honest – frustrating moments and I intend to share them all with you here. My kid stories, my pet stories, my adventure stories, my love stories, my creative stories. I’m a writer and this blog is my playground.

I hope you’ll join me.


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